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DMCA Report

Our contact email:

[email protected]

Provide sufficient contact information with a valid email address.

If you’re a lawyer of a company: Do not send us PDF files. We are not able to open them correctly.

The contact data will only be used to answer and resolve any inconvenience. In no case will they ever be used for advertising or other purposes.

The content can be eliminated as soon as possible, usually within a period of 24 and 48 hours in working days.

NOTE:  We do not store any video on our server, so we can not do anything to remove the videos from the internet. The videos shown on our website are hosted on pornhub, drtuber, youporn, xvideos and redtube and are indexed automatically on our websites using the tools that these companies provide us as RSS feed, api acces, etc … Our sites only index public content, we do not produce or store any video on our servers.

If you report only the content on our website and do not report the content of the original source, the content is very likely to be re-indexed by our domains when it is still available in the original source.

Only the thumbnails of the videos are stored on our server. Please, as it is the only thing we can remove from our server, please only send the link of the thumbnails to be deleted.

Check the code of our website and you will see how the videos are reproduced from pornhub.

So we are not infringing the DMCA rights If you consentily upload the video to pornhub, xvideos, drtuber, etc… we can index it.

If you do not want your videos to be played on thousands of websites that index pornhub content, do not upload the videos. Because once you upload the videos to these websites they offer the tools so that the videos are freely indexed and we send part off the traffic to pornhub, xvideos, drtuber, etc…

If you have multiples images to report just send all of them together.